Maria’s Home made Alfredo Pasta with Buckwheat or Noodles

Portabello mushrooms  1 pound or a little less.

Cream 326 ml
Brown Sugar
Corn starch
Balsamic vinegar
1.Remove the mushrooms leg and throw. Cut the mushrooms had on the slice (not too thin)
2. Cut onions on the half rings thinly
3. Heat up a fried pan (medium) with olive oil and put the onions. Cook until golden braun (maybe 8 min)
4 Then add 1 teaspoon Brown Sugar and mix ( cook 1 min)
5. Next add 1 or 11/2  (tablespoon)Balsamic vinegar. Mix again (cook 2 min)
6. Add a cream h&h 326 ml and cover the lid and reduce heat a little.
7. 200 ml of warm water and  add 2 teaspoon of corn starch
8. Add liquid starch to the mushrooms and stir constantly until the cream becomes thick. If you want to get more thick, cook longer.


Total time 30 min.
Cook buckwheat or noodles and add mushrooms sauce.

Thank you Maria Ryabinski for this awesome recipe! 🙂


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