Priti’s Quick, Easy and Tasty Rasamalai



  1. 2 cans of Haldiram’s Rasagula (white sponge-like balls)
  2. Half & Half milk – one quart
  3. Sugar – 3/4 cup
  4. Powdered Cardamom – few pinches
  5. Saffron – few threads
  6. Ground nuts – Almonds, pistachios, and few cashews  (Ratio 5:8:3. You can make a powder of this and store as well for future use. A nice addition to kids cereal etc. This recipe needs about two tablespoons of this nut powder)

Preparation: Boil milk in a pan. Allow it to boil for some time (about 15mts. Stir so that milk won’t stick to the bottom). Add ground nuts, cardamom, and saffron.  Stir for few more minutes.

Take rasagula balls out from the can and squeeze all water out with the hand from balls. Add the squeezed sponge-like balls to the milk. Let it all boil, and when the bubbles start showing, switch off the stove after 2-3mts. Allow it to cool. After 30mts add sugar. Adding sugar early will make it watery. Enjoy!!!

Note: Priti sent me these pictures while sharing the recipe. At the end, you can see a baby bowl which she is saving for me…. 🙂 🙂 yummmmm. Thank you!!!

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