Spicy Roasted Peanuts

Spread raw peanuts (about 2 cups) on a microwavable plate, then sprinkle chili powder (1 tsp), and salt (as needed) on it.

Sprinkle some water on it (just little to get the peanuts wet, and coat the chili powder and salt). Mix well…   Let it stay for 15 mts, to absorb water and spices.

Microwave two minutes uncovered .. Take it out and stir. Microwave again for another minute and a half… Stir again. Keep it outside of microwave oven for sometime to cool  off.  From then onwards repeat:

1) microwave for 45 seconds each and  take it out

2) allow it to cool outside

3) stir, and then back to microwave …

Until peanuts are ready/crispy.. You can chew peanuts after it cools off to see if it is crispy.. When it is very hot… It is hard to tell if it is ready as it will be little chewy… That is the reason why we are allowing it to cool little between microwaving, and tasting to make sure.  When it is almost ready you can reduce the intervals to 30 sec.

When peanuts are done and crispy, sprinkle some oil (2 tspn), 1/2 tsp black pepper powder, some curry leaves and mix well. Now microwave again two times for 45 secs each.

Once you get it correct, you can increase/decrease chili/pepper pwdr, salt etc to your desired taste. Your microwave power may vary, and you will have to adjust times accordingly. Times above are based on 2.0 cu ft, 1200 Watts microwave.


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