Magic medicine for your heart

1) fresh squeezed lime juice – 1 cup
2) fresh Ginger cut into 1 cm pieces – 1 cup
3) fresh Garlic – peel and cut into half- 1 cup
4) Apple cider vinegar – 1 cup

Put the above items in a grinder/ blender and grind it. Transfer this mixture to a pot and boil in light flame approximately 20 mts to half hour, when it becomes 3 cups, take it out and keep it for cooling. ( I use non stick pot. not sure how it will be in a steel or aluminum pot. Also , sometimes when i heat/boil the mixture, it turns its color to light green. that is ok. ) After cooling, mix natural honey for improving the taste. I add about 4-5 table spoons. Add honey to your taste. Store it in fridge in a glass container or bottle.

Every morning before eating or drinking anything… have one Tablespoon of this medicine regularly. It has a strong taste. But that is ok as it is just 1 tbsp and brings lot of benefits. I drink some water after medicine to help with the after taste.

Side note:
If you google the ingredients for this, you can see several posts in many sites praising this medicine and sharing success stories. Use the text “garlic ginger lemon vinegar” to search in google.

Also sharing a link to apple cider vinegar I buy here in USA below. Find the equivalent for this if you can’t get this one.